Black people.

2008-05-06 14:51:17 by The-Peeman

Now I already know what your asking.
Peeman, your so great.. I missed you...
Well fuck you, that isn't a question, but I'll pretend it is just for the sake of pretending to be famous..

See we have jobs now, jobs that involve us having to do actual labor. Which means we can't just sit around, and smoke pot all day. We have to wait till we get off work. Then when we smoke we get lazy, and when we get lazy we usually watch Johnny Quest, and Hannah Montana "Jesus Christ, I would so totally get up in Cyrus's guts.." . It's a tough world, and because of our disability we cannot create comedy gold for you all.

.. This is why there hasn't been any new Peeman. Blame your goverment, your mother, ... how is your mother? Tell her Peeman said hi ;).. Oh, she still remembers.

Racist Newground Staff

2007-10-09 02:58:47 by The-Peeman

How you be dis'n the Peeman... Iv'e been there for ya brotha and all I asked is fo a damn pumpkin up on dat front page of der Peeman. Dat way my bitchs will be all up in my grill when they surf that internet on newgrounds and be like "Oh. Fuckin,.. Peeman is a sexy fuckin pumpkin, i'm gonna touch his penis" But Nah bro, you cut the Peeman off before I could even make first base wit doe's fly ass hunnies. Dat cold brotha.. So why not throw down a pumpkin up on that bitch of the peemanz.. fuck.. Make the whole front page peemans, and I'll totally get this bro to suck ya dick off... he's my 3rd cuzin but we be liek brothas, nigguh.

Richard Nixon and Skynard.

2007-09-17 11:59:05 by The-Peeman

The Peeman was chillax'n one day, and BLAM! Fucking bought a Richard Nixon mask. It's metal. You know what else is pretty metal? Under Age Whores.. Mads Props.

So the Peeman was at the Blue Oyster Cult and Lynard Skynard concert on thursday, it was so bitch'n. Free Bird ruled hard, almost as hard as I am writing this.

Richard Nixon and Skynard.